Yard Management Solutions

Our Yard Management solution improves your yard and warehouse efficiency by managing the flow of all inbound and outbound goods. This system can help prioritize shipment arrivals, identify trailer contents, standardize yard processes, reduce the time needed to allocate vehicles to loads, and avoid unnecessary vehicle movements. Using a Yard Management system can help ensure workers don't waste time locating vehicles, or parking vehicles in the wrong location. It shows the entire view of a yard, and helps companies manage operations more effectively. This solution plays a large role in improving the overall flow of your goods.


    What are the benefits in using Sumosor's Yard Management Solution?


Companies tend to loose visibility from the time goods arrived in the yard to the time they were unloaded. This Yard Management solution gives companies visibility to the whole process so they can better serve their customers.

This solution also improves shipment transfer in and out of the yard, promoting improved service levels, saving time and money, and enhancing the logistics process. In fact, with our Yard Management solution, you can boost a yard's productivity by up to 30 percent.

Our Yard Management solution can also significantly reduce labor and administrative costs using our cloud-based software for its real-time logistics solution, which can include some client-level customization, as well as barcode technology. Using handheld mobile scanners, companies can customize the specific data they receive.

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