System Integrators

A simple solution for integrating all of your data!


Sumosor IT creates unique solutions on a project by project basis, integrating a variety of standard components within the system.

For IT

  • Supports centralized set up and administration of all data access
  • New data sources can be set up in minutes
  • All data sources can be filtered at both the record and field level
  • Allows you to integrate virtually any data source with your Windows, Server and Web applications or databases

For Data Sources

  • Easily integrates non-relational legacy data files with your databases
  • Complements existing data warehouses and data marts by providing access to data that is not available in these main repositories
  • Simple set up for direct access to legacy data sources

Expanded opportunities:

  • Integrate previously hard-to-get mainframe legacy data sources
  • Validate or prototype integration plans before committing
  • React quickly to changing needs with our flexible Windows based tools

Comprehensive access:

  • Access all data formats and structures with one standard tool
  • Transform data dynamically using a powerful suite of functions
  • Automate ongoing tasks using a simple, intuitive scripting language

For more detailed information, and pricing, please contact our friendly sales team.